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About Us

A.S. Junior Elite is a platform for young players aspiring to become smart Soccer Athlete’s through a unique approach, by providing a balanced regime of training, competition and rest.  Providing an environment with an elite mentality, allows our members to dream about the beautiful game while preparing them for it's next levels.

Proud Not To Be An 'Academy'

"Academy" is the latest buzz word in US Soccer.  A.S. Junior Elite is not an "Academy" nor do we want to be one, after all our aim is to address the failings of such "Academies".  Our Players are not just a number and we strongly believe in nurture and not nature.

Other "Academies" repeatedly tell parents:

"to trust that your son will get better competing against each other as their Academy has the top talent in the area.  By scrimmaging and just continuously playing against top talent, Players will inevitably get better".  

Obviously, we do not believe that, hence A.S. Junior Elite's approach.  Elite training focused on a long term vision on total athletic development!  Nurture & NOT Nature.  No stockpiling of Players!  

You Are An Individual Here, Not A Number Or $ Sign

The 'YouTube' Generation....

Unfortunately, we live in a "YouTube generation" where young Players only watch short clips of games.  If they are not watching full games continuously, how are they learning the game?  A.S. Junior Elite believes it is the Coach's and Club's responsibility to teach and guide such young Players. 

Simply learning by playing the game is not enough unless "you have a God given talent" and it comes naturally.  Sir Alex Ferguson in his autobiography claimed that in his 26 years at Manchester United (one of the most successful Manager & Club in the World) he only ever had "four World Class Players", ones with that "God Given Talent".  The hundreds of other Players who played professional Soccer under him relied on hard work and learning the game.  

The 'Academy' Approach & Educating Our Parents & Not Just Our Players

The "Academy" mentality gets parents onto the "US Youth Soccer Hamster Wheel" (please see my page of USA vs Europe & Playing On The Streets).  You must do more, more and more than your rivals to get better?  BUT is more always better?  Quantity vs Quality.  How do young Players mentally recover and avoid future burn out?  

Once your are on that "Hamster Wheel" it is very hard to think logically and step off.  A.S. Junior Elite is not only here to guide and educate our Players but also, and most importantly, their parents too!

A.S. = Academia of Soccer

We are an Academia (A.S. stands for Academia of Soccer) aimed not only at teaching the game but creating smart athletes.  Our members need to assimilate every situation, both in competition and training, as an experience to register and use that experience to make smarter decisions in the future.  Through careful planning and nurturing, like a jigsaw puzzle, all these pieces eventually come together to form an Elite Soccer Athlete.

Mission Statement

A.S. Junior Elite is a platform for young aspiring soccer players to be elevated to the next level by empowering them with the knowledge, discipline and skills needed.  It is our mission to nurture and create well rounded “Soccer Athletes”, without cutting corners, and subsequently usher them into the higher levels of the game.

We will achieve this through our commitment to blending traditional values with modern concepts, to provide a development program that provides a unique level of consistency and approach, while staying abreast of the latest methodologies.  Resulting in a training program that parallels those of Academies in professional Soccer Clubs throughout the World.

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