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'Playing On The Streets'

"Limiting youngsters to a strict coaching regime alone, is not the answer.  It is important to play with friends and on the streets.... It helped turned me into the Player I was"  Steven Gerard (Former Liverpool Captain & England International)

'You Can't Play 'Street Soccer' In America?'

In response to these quotes, you often hear in "well America is different, kids can not pay on the streets like Europe".  

A.S. Junior Elite's answer to that is, first you must understand what "playing on the streets" actually is.  It does not always mean playing in an organized Soccer game!  Please remember that.  It can be:

-  Kicking the ball against the wall (wall ball - it was called)
-  "World Cup" - one on one or two v two style game
-  3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 games
-  Hours of practicing shooting and free kicks
-  Juggling, "one touch, one bounce" or Soccer Tennis

Variation is and was key!  Plus creativity in space.  Back yards, local parks and even garages.

Is It Really A Subsitute For 'Playing On The Streets'?

In America, the substitute for "playing on the streets" is considered playing on a second team, private training or playing in additional tournaments with another team.  But is it really a substitute?  A.S. Junior Elite does not consider this to be so and here is why:

-  "Playing on the streets" is innately competitive.  You are competing for personal pride, to show the older Players you can play, etc.  You are not playing for a trophy or to win to please your parent or parent coach.

-  No adults are involved "playing on the streets".  Kids are just having fun!  They are not changing their game in order to win and therefore be "successful".  They are simply learning what works and does not work and building a love for the game.

-  A mental break from the more competitive nature of training.  This is the most important of all, in order to have fun, love the game more and NOT get burned out.  Does extra Tournaments and private training do that?

'Pick-Up Soccer' @ A.S.

A.S. Junior Elite's 'Pick-Up' Soccer Program

Starting in the Spring 2020, A.S. Junior Elite's "pick-up" Soccer initiative will allow our Players to experience as close to "playing on the streets" on a regular basis.  To give our Players extra playing opportunities but also to love the game, innately compete and, most importantly, no interference from adults!  Limited structure, no trophies or results and NO COST! 

Sorry modern US Youth Soccer, it is about the game! 

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