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@ A.S. Junior Elite Futsal Is A Way Of Life!

A.S. Junior Elite, has created a unique Futsal Program that stays abreast of the latest methodologies whilst being unparalleled to any other indoor program in NJ.  Our success on the field demonstrates that. 

However, Futsal is not just played in the Winter here, it is our way of life!  Futsal interconnects with our outdoor game and philosophies.  At A.S. Junior Elite our Players now play Futsal year round.  Making proactive & intelligent Players who are always "one step ahead of the game" rather than waiting to react! 

A Study By Dr. Emilio Miranda (Sao Paolo University)....

"A Futsal Player will have 600% more touches on the ball than a Soccer Player"

Why Futsal?

1.  A great skill developer - Futsal uses a smaller, heavier and low bounce ball that is easy to control quickly.  First touch is essential to success in the game. Getting the ball under control quicker, gives yourself more time to express yourself on it.

2.  Significantly improves your speed of play - as the game is played on a hard court the ball travels much faster than on grass.  So your speed of play will improve.

3.  Improved Decision Making/Intelligence  - Futsal's faster pace & continuous nature helps to improve a Player's spatial intelligence, ability to read the game & speed to make decisions.  You are always watching and anticipating the next move.  No time to "switch off"!

4.  Significantly improves your movement off of the ball - the tight field size combined with quicker pressure means you are always marked in Futsal.  Movement off of the ball becomes critical for success!

5.  More of everything! - more shots, more crosses, more touches, more transition.

6.  Creativity - perhaps the single most important reason to play Futsal is that it encourages Players to be creative & think differently to regular outdoor Soccer.

Neymar On Futsal

Futsal Champions!

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