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US Youth Soccer: The Business! vs A.S. Junior Elite

Unfortunately, US Youth Soccer has become a BUSINESS first and a SPORT secondly.  Many "Academies" are more than willing to sell you the dream and then dangle the carrot as the sell additional private training, participation in extra Leagues and Tournaments "to stay ahead of other Players". 

Yet the reality is quite different and somewhat of a more bleak picture.  Michael Calvin, author of the book "No Hunger in paradise", highlights:

"The problem is that the ills of senior football - greed, opportunism, the stockpiling of talent unnecessarily for commercial gain - are seeping down into junior (UK) football"

A.S. Junior Elite could not agree more & believes this is even worse in America.  

Proud not to be an "Academy", the Club remains small on purpose.  Focusing on Players aged 6 through 12.  Treating each Player as an individual and meeting their individual developmental and psychological needs:  

-  We do not and will not "Stockpile" Players
-  Small squads  
-  If the Team is struggling, we find solutions to develop and improve not just recruit replacements
-  Your are an individual & NOT a number or $ sign

'The Family'


A Realistic & Honest Approach....

A.S. Junior Elite is also realistic in our approach & honest with our Parents.  Although we encourage our Players to "dream big" we try to instill reality in the Parents:

"The statistics are really sobering. Out of all the boys who enter a professional academy (in the UK) at the age of 9, less than 1% make it. Or make a living from the game"
Michael Calvin (author of the book "No Hunger in Paradise)

Only 1.4% of male Soccer Players who play US College Soccer (with a scholarship) go on to play professional Soccer at some level.  (NCAA, 2020)

The Dream Is Over Before It Began?

Certainly not!  The "life lessons" from playing competitive elite Soccer can take you far and getting to College is the first "main" long term goal:

-  There are over 13,852 college Soccer scholarships available!  That is not considering that they can be given out as partial scholarships! That means we can nearly double that number.

-  5.6% of males playing High School Soccer get a scholarship to play NCAA Soccer at College.  With A.S. Junior Elite Players competing in some of the highest leagues in the North East possible, in one of the most competitive areas for youth soccer, I chances of future scholarships are even higher!

To play high level Soccer at College, plus the financial aid that goes with that, and then start your adult life with no or limited debt.  Who would not want that!  Not to mention some of the best years of your life playing the Sport you love and are passionate about, plus the life lessons that go with that! 

A.S. Junior Elite is that Soccer platform.  
Honest, passionate & hard working, just like our Players!

The True Benefits Of Elite Soccer

When parents get caught up on the "Hamster Wheel" of competitive Soccer and fulfilling their child's dream, they forget the many other benefits of playing Elite Soccer with A.S. Junior Elite: 

-  Teaching how to compete and manage their emotions
-  Teaching responsibility, commitment and hard work
-  Teaching Players how to respond to set backs and disappointments
-  Teaching Players how to communicate and interact with Teammates
-  Teaching Players how to become leaders both on and off of the field

All these life lessons will take you very far in life!  In two words - "character building" and A.S. Junior Elite would say "defining".

Club Meal & Scrimmages

"Club Night", which involves scrimmages followed by a Club Meal, happens four times per year.  All Players from within the Club come together to celebrate & have fun with their fellow Club members.  A.S. Junior Elite really is a family!

2011 Boys: NYC Columbus Cup Champions

2009 Boys - NJ Indoor Cup Champions

All About The Training @ A.S.

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