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Welcome to A.S. Junior Elite

A.S. Junior Elite The Academia of Soccer

A.S. Junior Elite's Yearly Team Program

A.S. stands for Academia of Soccer; however, it means so much more than that!  More than just a name, it is our philosophy & way of training...

Please note, at the end of this page you can find a list of what our Yearly Program offers.

2-4% Of The Game vs The 96-98%

A.S. Junior Elite is an Academia!  A place of learning.  Teaching the entire game is our focus.

As the great Johan Cruyff once said, "you play football (soccer) with your head, and your legs are there to help you".  

Many US Soccer programs obsess & focus on skills & technique.  In reality, an individual Player only has a ball at their feet for 2-4% of the game!  So why are we not focusing on the other 96-98%?  At A.S. Junior Elite we do!  Our innovative training sessions utilize drills that focus on the "forgotten" 96-98%, by working on game situations with and without the ball.  Of course we focus on technical proficiency and skill also, but at the elite level everyone has that....  So what separates you from the rest?

Our Training Focus - Not Just Technique & Skill!

A.S. Junior Elite considers vision, decision making & movement off of the ball as three critical aspects to a Player's long term development. 

The difference as you go up the flights (level) is speed of play.  Can you adapt to that?  Seeing things early, making quicker & the correct decision plus effective movement to create space & ultimately more time on the ball is critical to adapting. 

You have 5 or more decisions to make every time you touch the ball:
-  What part of the foot should I control the ball?
-  First time or take a 2nd touch?
-  What speed/weight of touch should I push the ball out of my feet?
-  How fast is the defender approaching me?
-  Where is the space?
-  Where are my team mates located?
-  Where are the opponents located?
-  Am I going to dribble, shoot, pass? 

Making the correct choices at the right time is not as easy as the professionals make it look!

Every drill at A.S. Junior Elite utilizes some form of vision & decision making.  Multiple drills occur in one drill, to ensure our Players are always focused & thinking, just like the demands of a real game.  Players are always on the move.  This is a strategy of Pep Guardiola's training methods.

Seeing is believing.  Come to an A.S. Junior Elite Training Session, you will never have experienced anything like it in North America!

Fall & Spring Program

      - Pre-Season Training (two weeks prior to the Season)
      - Three weekly Training Sessions: 10-11 Weeks
      - Participation in the EDP League: 10-12 Games
      - Friendly Scrimmages
      - Tournaments (two per year) & State Cup opportunities
      - Additional Tournaments*

* Additional Tournaments will be available at an additional cost, unless they are covered through fundraising or additional left over funds. 

Winter Program

       - Twice Weekly Training Sessions: 11 Weeks (Last week in November through the end of February)
       - Saturday Inter-Club Futsal Sessions: 2-4 Sessions 
       - Friendly Scrimmages
       - Participation in Futsal/Indoor Tournaments*

*  Your fee covers a minimum of two Indoor Tournaments (Winter).  Additional Tournaments will be available at an additional cost, unless they are covered through fundraising or additional left over funds. 

Elite Mentality

As the great Bill Nicholson once said, "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low".  Elite is not just our aim, approach and level of play, but the mentality we desire our Athlete‚Äôs to have. 

A.S. Junior Elite guides it's Players and Parents on the psychological part of the game.  How to not only develop this BUT succeed with this!

Futsal Training @ Ophir

Additional Things Offered

      - Fitness Testing
      - Pilates Sessions 
      - Stretching Program
      - Training Clinics 
      - Additional Weekend Training
      - Additional Summer Training Sessions*

* Summer Select and Summer Camps will also be offered at an additional cost.

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Email Us: [email protected]
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